Is this you?

• Self conscious about being or feeling under  weight
• Always wished you were bigger and stronger
• Intimidated by gyms and the people in them
• Finding weight training a bit of mystery or minefield
• Confused by conflicting information
• Unsure what or how to eat and train to gain quality muscle
• Sick of feeling small, weak and unattractive as a result
• Envious of people wearing those nice fitted clothes
• Desperate to make changes but no idea where or how to start
• In need of some quality, expert guidance to get the ball rolling

My GET: MEAN powerful, muscular physiques so that they never have to feel weak coaching is perfectly engineered to help skinny, body aware men and women buildself conscious or unattractive again.

Do any of these sound like you?

• Always struggled with your weight
• Gained weight after having a baby or another life event
• The things you used to do to slim down don’t seem to work anymore
• Fed up with failing at the latest fad diet and exercise program and never seeing results
• Concerned about your health and the future
• Finding daily tasks an effort
• Tired with low energy
• Confused by endless conflicting information
• Struggling to play with or keep up with the kids
• Upset and embarrassed by the way you look and feel
• Low on confidence and 
self esteem, maybe depressed
• Raring to go but no idea where to start and in need of expert advice


The GET: LEAN coaching is specifically designed to help the body conscious to lose weight, get lean and stay that way for good. You will NEVER have to feel overweight, lethargic or uncomfortable in your own skin again.